Raffaldini Vineyards & Winery

Vineyards in the Valley

Oct 16, 2017 Jane Porter
Tucked away in the furthest northwestern corner of North Carolina’s Piedmont region is the gently rolling Yadkin Valley, more than a million acres comprised of land from seven counties, nestled in the foothills of the […]

Rucking Around

Oct 16, 2017 Tracy Jones
Rucksack – from German dialect, Rucken (back) + Sack (sack) Rucking is simply walking while wearing a backpack. You can run with the backpack, squat with the backpack, do pushups with it, but regardless, you’re […]
Diana Huey in Disney's The Little Mermaid

Under The Sea

Oct 9, 2017 Jane Porter
Forget your troubles and escape to a magical undersea world where life truly is the bubbles; this month, DPAC hosts an adaptation of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Originally written for Broadway in 2007, the show […]


Oct 4, 2017 Caitlin Harrison
Prost! This year marks the 184th Oktoberfest celebration. Officially, Oktoberfest takes place in Munich and draws in more than six million people each year for 16 days. Celebrations are modeled after the festival all over the […]
Eunice Johnson

Inspiring Beauty

Oct 2, 2017 Jane Porter
Kimberly Kearse-Lane remembers walking runways across America in the Ebony Fashion Fair for a year in the late 1980s. The theme was “sizzling,” and Kearse-Lane says audiences went wild when the models strutted out in breathtaking […]

World Sports

Sep 22, 2017 Alexandra Drosu
Some of the oldest competitions take us on a global tour…and anyone can play. Fall kicks off sports season and most Raleighites will be tuning into the NFL and college football. But have you ever […]

Changing Lives

Sep 15, 2017 Tracy Jones
Looking down over the edge of the Wells Fargo Capitol Center, it’s easy to get a little nervous­— especially if you are in a harness preparing to rappel off the side. The breeze kisses your […]

Last Summer Sun

Sep 8, 2017 Jane Porter
Whether you’re looking for sandy trails to hike along, still-warm salt water to swim in or old school, family oriented fun, Carolina Beach is at its peak in the late summer and fall. In addition […]

Sound Advice

Sep 8, 2017 Alexandra Drosu
Jackson Cooper may only be 23 but he is currently running Chamber Music Raleigh, a venerable 75-year-old organization celebrating classical music composed for and performed by a small group of instruments. As the executive director, […]

Every Ounce a King

Sep 1, 2017 Jane Porter
Pairing theater with a pint You don’t have to look hard to see the parallels between King Lear, the confused, aging king of Britain, and today’s unsettled political climate. But for Raleigh’s Honest Pint Theatre […]
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