June Foodie News

Jun 19, 2017 Gina Stephens
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is coming to Raleigh’s Longview Shopping Center at 2026 New Bern Ave.  The 11-screen theater, bar and restaurant will have 660 seats and a beer hall with 36 local beers on tap. […]

The Lemonati

Jun 12, 2017 Alexandra Drosu
Bourbon and whiskey lovers can experiment with mixing cocktails if they follow certain flavor profiles. “Whiskies, especially ryes, tend to be peppery. You don’t want to mix hot ingredients,” says Johnny Berry, master of spirits […]

Craving Cucumbers

Jun 12, 2017 Caitlin Harrison
On the heels of winning five medals at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Durham Distillery has launched a cucumber vodka. During the process, locally sourced cucumbers are hand-selected for ripeness and then cold-distilled […]

Picnic Primer

May 31, 2017 Alexandra Drosu
For North Carolina author Ashley English picnics are an integral part of family life.  “My husband Glenn and I share a love of both food and nature,” she says. “Picnicking is something that we regularly […]

Satire for the People

May 31, 2017 Alexandra Drosu
Cartoonist Dwane Powell shares his visual legacy at COR For more than 40 years, cartoonist Dwane Powell has been skewering politicians (on both sides of the political aisle) through his visual social commentary. He started […]

Dear Restaurant Guru…

May 22, 2017 Restaurant Guru
Dear Restaurant Guru, Recently my husband and I went to dinner with friends at a local restaurant, two of us ordered the same dish and both of us became violently ill within two hours of […]

Aisle Adventure

May 8, 2017 Alexandra Drosu
If you haven’t made the trip to Cary to check out Hmart, a Korean-inspired supermarket based out of Queens, NY that opened at the end of last year, it’s time to make the trek. The […]

Southern Comforts

May 8, 2017 Cameron Walker
An old fashioned sparked a fresh focus for the newly renamed Relish Craft Kitchen and Bourbon Bar. About a year ago at Bida Manda downtown, owner Sharon May ordered the classic cocktail for the first […]

Speakeasy for All

Apr 28, 2017 Alexandra Drosu
During the prohibition era, speakeasies were illicit establishments where people could get liquor. The name derived from the need to speak “quietly” or easy so as to not alert authorities. Today, however, liquor flows freely […]
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