Chris Eschbach
October 2017

Putting Technology to the Test

Oct 16, 2017 Jane Porter
Wearable technology has come a long way from the calculator wristwatches of the 1980s. Today’s tech can augment reality, close your garage door, ensure you get your 10,000 steps and even train you to beat stress. […]

Rucking Around

Oct 16, 2017 Tracy Jones
Rucksack – from German dialect, Rucken (back) + Sack (sack) Rucking is simply walking while wearing a backpack. You can run with the backpack, squat with the backpack, do pushups with it, but regardless, you’re […]

Lunchtime Fitness

Jul 25, 2016 Alexandra Drosu
Squeezing in time to exercise during the workweek can be a challenge, especially if you’re not an early riser. However, more and more fitness studios in Raleigh are offering ways to workout during your lunch […]
A Different Path

A Different Path: Crossfit

Feb 2, 2016 Caroline Barnhill
This legendary CrossFitter couldn’t run a mile 10 years ago. IF YOU RAN into the pretty, petite and soft-spoken Christmas Abbott on the streets of downtown Raleigh, Olympic weightlifter might not be the first thing […]