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In the Quest to Look Young

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Fresh face

Skin in an after-summer slump?

Show it some love with just a single laser treatment.

One laser treatment may be all you need to refresh and rejuvenate your skin. “There are certain conditions such as rosacea, broken capillaries and acne that likely require multiple treatments,” says Kile Law, president and founder of Blue Water Spa. “But if you’re looking to improve dry skin that’s lost elasticity, one laser treatment can give you visible results that will last.”

While the cost of a treatment may set you back a few pennies, think about this: Since a laser treatment targets a specific area and a particular concern, it’s the most effective way to not only bring back that natural, healthy glow, but also make all those products you invest in—you know, your vitamin C serums, your BB creams and hyaluronic moisturizers—more potent. So, whether you’re dropping $300 on a moisturizing cream (La Mer, Clé de Peau, Chanel anyone?) or heading to your neighborhood drugstore for Roc’s Retinol Night Cream, your products will penetrate the skin better after a laser treatment, making your entire skin care regime more effective.

How do you figure out if a laser treatment is right for you?

“You should always be seen first, to make sure the treatment you’re interested in can give you the results you want,” says Law. “You also want to make sure that you’re seen at a medical spa, where PAs and nurse assistants are there to treat you.”

— Blue Water Spa, (919) 870-6066, bluewaterspa.com

Chin up

If your double chin is bringing you down, we’re about to lift your spirits. An innovative, non-surgical breakthrough treatment that contours and improves the appearance of that stubborn, double chin is now available in Raleigh only at Davis and Pyle Plastic Surgery.


Ideal for both men and women bothered by those fat pockets under the chin, Kybella™ is a 15-minute, in-office treatment requiring little to no down time. During the procedure, tiny needles containing deoxycholic acid are injected into the fat deposits beneath the jawline. This chemical destroys fat cells, and the result is the gradual diminishing of the fat deposits that create the double chin we loathe. Most patients see best results after a series of two to six sessions spaced a month apart.

— Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery, (919) 785-1220, drgmdavis.com

The energizer

There may not be an actual fountain of youth, but many locals swear by SeroVital for raising their energy levels, shrinking stubborn belly fat, increasing lean muscle, minimizing wrinkles and helping with sleep. Could this be what we’ve been searching for? IMG_1352

“As we age, the production of human growth hormone (hGH), also known as the youth hormone, decreases and so does our energy, ” says Laura Dalton, who owns the GNC North Hills with her husband, Carter. “SeroVital is a capsule with ingredients that may stimulate your growth hormone levels naturally, resulting in decreased body fat, weight loss and ultimately, more energy.”

For athletes and gym addicts, the benefits of hGH for recovery and endurance is not new. But what is new is the more mainstream discovery of how ordinary people—especially those in their 30s, 40s and 50s – can benefit from more hGH. “Everyone wants to feel better and help ward off the negative effects of aging,” says Dalton.

The key to success for those who have tried SeroVital seems to be giving it at least eight weeks for noticeable results. “One customer recently came in for his fourth box. SeroVital seems to be the only thing helping his wife’s hot flashes,” says Dalton. “She also has more energy than usual—exercising after work without it being the tough struggle it used to be. He has also been taking it and has noticed a reduction in the wrinkle and lines surrounding the eye area.”

SeroVital one month supply available $99; mention Raleigh Magazine and receive a 15 percent discount.

— GNC North Hills, (919) 787-0462, visitnorthhills.com/location/gnc/



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