Natty Greene's closing

Natty Greene’s : 2010-2015

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It was a sad day August 1st when Natty Greene’s brewpub poured its last pint at its restaurant location downtown.

Faced with a large rent increase, NG’s decided to pull out of downtown for now.

“This was a surprise—the way this went down with the landlord,” says Bob High, brand manager for Greensboro-based Natty Greene’s Brewing Company.

Hundreds attended the farewell bash; more than $8,000 was split amongst brewpub employees, an unusual move in the restaurant industry but not uncharacteristic of Natty Greene’s, which has a reputation of giving back.

“It took years to cultivate the staff we had there,” said High. “I’m in restaurants all the time for work, and I would put our staff up against anybody. It’s very much a family. We wanted to step up and do that to say thank you.”

Although the downtown location is gone, the beer’s not going anywhere and will still be offered all over Raleigh and at retailers from D.C. to Charleston. NG’s support for the Raleigh community will remain unchanged as well. It will still sponsor the Tobacco Road Road Marathon.

Any chance Natty Greene’s will come back to Raleigh?

It’s possible, but not right away.

“We needed to grow from that location anyway . . . it’s a no-brainer, just a question of when.”

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