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To Bare or Not? (At the Spa)

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Have you been there? Standing in the locker room at the spa, when suddenly, you can’t decide what to leave on under that robe—if anything? Of course, there’s the massage to consider, but what about all that time in the relaxation area? You know, the whirlpool, steam and sauna? To clothe or not to clothe? That is your question.

Carolyn Doe, spa director at The Umstead Hotel and Spa, has answers: “Most spas have a policy on clothing and nudity. At The Umstead Spa, clothing is optional. Since our guests’ modesty is our biggest concern, we ask them to dress down to their own comfort level.”

So whether you’re the person who prefers to leave underwear on during a massage or strip down to nothing for a soak in the whirlpool, it’s all acceptable, and you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable with your decision – and neither will the any of the professionals working. “There is no judgment and no right or wrong on the clothing option,” says Doe.


Some tips for nudity at the spa

Many locker rooms, such as those at The Umstead, offer private dressing rooms for guests who would like more privacy.

For the whirlpool, sauna and steam room, bathing suits are always a welcome choice if you’re not comfortable naked. But leave your new suit at home; pool treatment ingredients could impact the color.

It’s easier for a massage therapist to massage the body without underwear and for an esthetician to provide the neck and shoulder massage during a facial treatment when there’s no bra strap, but both will work around undergarments.

Having to remove clothing during your treatment time could affect your experience, so dress down to your comfort level rather than leave clothing on.

And if you’re wondering if you really should follow those signs that advise you to shower before entering the whirlpool, Doe says yes, and always change into dry clothing before heading into the dry lounge or treatment rooms.

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