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Got Bookshelves?

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Bookshelves can be prime real estate indoors.

Everyone wants to show off the little things they love, and a bookshelf is the perfect platform. Interior designers have a handful of tricks to create the perfect “vignette” (fancy-speak for grouping objects). And cramming your stuff onto your bookshelves (anybody guilty?) isn’t one of them.



Bookshelf decorating tips

1. Decorate with what you love. “Decorating from the heart with family photos and travel treasures allows your bookcases to tell your story,” says Dena Vore, owner of Dena’s Designs.

2. Use books as building blocks. Stack or lean them to add dimension to your shelves. Add objects on top of them or beside them to create different elevations. Bonus points: use old books with character.

3. Give the inside of your bookshelf a makeover. Incorporate a contrasting paint color. Don’t be afraid to go bold, use a dark color or even add wallpaper. That pop of color excites the eye.

4. Use texture. Add decorative plants or baskets to add warmth and color.bookcase-not-to-do1

5. Leave enough space. You want to layer and stack, but space ensures the eye has time to rest, so don’t overcrowd. Less really is more on a bookshelf.



Now that you know how to spruce up your bookshelves, maybe your literary collection is lacking. Here, a few of our favorite local bookstores:

Reader’s Corner: 3201 Hillsborough Street—cool atmosphere, helpful people.

Stevens Book Shop: 6700 Old Wake Forest Road—get lost sifting through shelves of used books. Quail Ridge Books & Music: Wade Avenue—featuring many local writers and workshops.

Looking for vintage books with leather covers and gold embossing? Try the Raleigh Flea Market (1025 Blue Ridge Road).

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