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How much time you spend taming your eyebrows often depends on the genes you’ve been blessed—or cursed—with. So what’s a girl to do? Rachel Ward, esthetician with Skin Sense A Day Spa gives us the scoop on eyebrow shaping and making the most of this important facial feature.

Put Down The Tweezers—Overzealous plucking in front of a mirror can lead to the two most common mistakes we make with our brows—too wide a space between brows and Tip 2: brows that have no arch at all.

Embrace Your Face—Thick or thin may take turns being in, but working with what you have naturally is much better than copying a trend. “Brows have a natural taper; the best place to see this is to take a look at a man, because they don’t touch their brows,” says Ward. Figuring out Tip 3: your natural shape will help you determine what look is best for your brows.

Tweezing at Home—There will be times you can’t resist going after the unruly hairs that sprout up between visits. Don’t tweeze in the thickest part of your brow, which thins the brow and diminishes the arch. (See dotted lines above).

TOP TECHNIQUES—To wax, to tweeze or to thread? These are just three popular options when it comes to eyebrow shaping. What method is best for you? Consider your pain tolerance, skin type and medications that you take. Many topical and prescription skin treatments (think Retin-A) will impact your skin’s reaction to waxing. Threading and tweezing are the least abrasive on your skin, followed by hard wax and, finally, soft wax.


THIN, LIGHT BROWS? Patience is a must if you’re looking to correct eyebrow shaping mistakes. After all, hair takes some time to grow in, and the hair of the brow can be especially fickle. Looking to encourage regrowth? Latisse and RevitaBrow can help. If you are destined to have thin
brows, but yearn for a more defined look, try tinting, with results lasting from three to four weeks.

UNRULY BROWS? Brow gel may be your new best friend. Available in both clear and tints. We suggest: Jane Iredale Purebrow® Brow Gel.

YOUNGER CLIENTS WELCOME—Have a preteen with a unibrow? Take her (or him) for a brow wax. A good esthetician will make sure they begin with just the area between the brows, making sure it’s an age appropriate look.

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