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Invest in Curb Appeal

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Investing in curb appeal can pay off big time.

Whether it’s a large project like exterior painting or something smaller like landscaping, painting your front door or adding outdoor lighting, you can’t go wrong in this market.

Christina and Jeff Lovern spent $8,000 on their Five Points home, fixing deteriorating siding and updating the exterior paint color to replace a combo of colors they didn’t like.

“The Loverns have easily added $20,000 to $30,000 of value to their home,” says Jordan Lee, a realtor with Lee 3 Team Real Estate. “They took a tacky, dated, unappealing home in a great location, invested and chose wisely and gave it a classic look that will appeal to any buyer in the market.”

But the Loverns aren’t selling anytime soon. Their investment was both practical and emotional.

“Our house needed a fresh coat of paint and rotten boards replaced,” says Christina. “We loved our house so instead of just keeping the same colors, we wanted to change them to reflect our sense of style, update the exterior and put our mark on our home.”


Considering a big renovation?

Keep a few things in mind. “The goal should be to maximize the return, while limiting the size of the investment and ensure it’s in line with what the market will support,” says Lee. The best places to invest are kitchens, bathrooms and exterior curb appeal.

And keep it neutral.

“Sellers should be mindful anytime they’re doing something highly personalized to their home,” says Lee. “There is value and something to be said for making your home what you want, but it doesn’t always make for the wisest investment from a resale standpoint.”


And think about this . . . Curb appeal ROI

A new garage door can bring you an 88 percent return on investment.

A new front door can bring you a 101 percent return on investment.

Stone veneer can bring you a 92 percent return on investment.


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