Examples of place cards

Holiday Place Cards

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Personalize your holiday table with place cards. Assigning seats lets you mix it up, encouraging your guests to meet new people. Or—quite the opposite—keeping some folks apart. (You know what we’re talking about!).

Options are endless, from classic and traditional to customized for your own party theme. Holiday rush getting to you? Get your kids involved in a few DIY options.

Examples of placecards

Kate: Chalkboard Stand, AC Moore, $1/each

Sawyer: Homemade

Amy: Vintage-inspired brass place card holders, Inspirations Home Décor and More, Set of 4: $29.95

Alexa: Porcelain face plate, Affordable Chic (Great for labeling too), Set of 4: $14

Sam: Beanbag pumpkins, Quintessentials, 4-inch plush pumpkin: $24, Leather pumpkin: $30

Hayden: Homemade

Jack: Tent Cards, Micheals, $6.49/30

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