Re-Cover Your Old Chair

Chair (Before)

If you can use a stapler, you can re-cover the cushions on an old kitchen or dining room chair. Okay, you really need a staple gun, but you’ll figure it out.

The toughest part is finding the right fabric—something sturdy and durable that adds depth and interest. We asked a few of Raleigh’s top fabric stores to pick their faves.

DSC_6449 copy1. Midas Fabric and Blinds

P. Kauffman Fabric

Bird Fabric Graphite: $24.95/yd

“This fabric will add a simple pop of color to any room in your home.” — Pam Koch, store manager

DSC_6447 copy2. Premier Fabrics

Premier Prints

Shen Bittersweet: $9.99/yd

“Shen Bittersweet will make any chair a statement piece.” — Leah Osborne, owner

DSC_6444 copy3. Printers Alley

Hamilton Fabric

Lyrics Orange: $65.50/yd

“This gorgeous orange cut-velvet fabric will bring any chair back into the 21st century.” — Anne Herschler, vice president

DSC_7131 copy4. Mill Outlet Village

Hamilton Fabric

Parquet in Silver Sage


“Parquet will add an elegant, traditional charm to any chair.” Bharti Tinani, Mill Outlet Village

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