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The fireplace is the focal point of the room. But decorating it can be challenging. Here are some tips from Raleigh designer Julie Korp for creating the perfect mantel:

1. Picture a triangle. This is the basis for choosing your décor. Choose one large piece as the focal point of your fireplace. The most commonly used items are mirrors, artwork, pictures and even TVs. Center this piece either directly on your mantel or hang it centered over the mantel. Make sure it fits the scale of your fireplace. This piece should be the tallest object in your design.

Winter mantle decor for  after the holidays.

Winter mantle decor for after the holidays.

2. Next, on the right and left sides of the mantel, add objects whose height is shorter than your large piece. These items can be symmetric; such as candlesticks or plants. You can also add asymmetric objects. Just make sure the objects are similar in body and scale.

3. Accessorize. Don’t let this part scare you. Play with the look a bit. You may end up tweaking it several times before you get it right. The objects used for this area should be smaller than the objects on the sides of the mantel. The mantel is a great place to display family heirlooms, collectibles and holiday décor. Pinecones and bulbs are great around the holidays. Pumpkins are always perfect for fall, and flowers add the perfect touch in spring/summer.

4. To complete the look, add an item to the hearth. Baskets filled with pillows, blankets or even firewood give a cozy feel.

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