Fitness Gifts for the Holiday

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High Visibility Hat

Whether you’re running a relay or taking an evening stroll in the park, the New Balance High-Visibility Hat combines high-visibility materials with powerful LED lights that shine both forward and down. Moisture-wicking and ventilated with mesh panels, this breathable hat helps keep you comfortable enough for hours of running.  $30

Lisana Koral Activewear Frame Leggings $130

Utilitarian form meets fashion forward style designed to break the workout wear mold and ignite individuality. Live out every facet of your life fashionably with activewear created to meet the evolving essence of life. Available at Lisana Activewear.

garmin Garmin Forerunner 25

Easy-to-use GPS Running Watch with Smart Notifications

It tracks how far, how fast and how long you’re running. Stay connected on your runs with call and text alerts when paired with a smartphone.

smartwood beanie SmartWool Beanies

Stay warm with Merino wool beanies ranging from lightweight baselayer fabric to heavy double layer knit. Stays in place, gives sun protection. $22-$32

saucony nomad Saucony Nomad Jacket

Designed for the person who wants to train outside year round. Get outside with the Nomad Jacket, giving you lightweight protection and ventilation for fall and winter. The exceptionally lightweight and stretchy FlexShell on the front, sleeves and upper and lower back is wind- and waterproof. The thermal, stretch fabric across the back and under arms keeps you dry and moving with ease. $120

addidas ultra boost 2 Adidas Ultra Boost Wool

The latest version of the Adidas Ultra Boost: Adidas is making sure the Ultra Boost is a sneaker you’ll be able to wear throughout the entire year. This brand new version of the Adidas Ultra Boost is dressed in a nice and warm wool upper, making it a great choice to keep your feet warm in the upcoming colder months.  $180

princeton tec sync headlamp Princeton Tec Sync Headlamp

Compact headlamp with primary white LED plus secondary red LED (preserves night vision), spot and flood lighting options – made in the USA.  $30

RPM Speed Rope 1 RPM Speed 2.0 Jump Rope $50

The RPM Speed Rope combines sophisticated technology and beautiful design to reach record-breaking speeds and achieve unparalleled accuracy with every jump.

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