How to Instagram Your Food

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You made the dough from scratch, employed an army of cookie cutters and mixed the world’s sweetest icing. But before your favorite Christmas cookies slide off the plate and into the memories of Christmas past, you want to snap the shot that tells their story. And whether you’re keeping it for a photo book or sharing on social media, you want the pic to be as good as the cookies themselves.

Raleigh Magazine brought three easy holiday treats to photographer Felicia Perry, whose business – Food-Seen – assists the food, beverage and restaurant industry with photography and marketing. Let’s see what happens when a little know-how and a camera phone meet what’s already in your house.


Yep: Instead, choose a dark background for simplicity and contrast. Now pile those biscuits into a handy basket with biscuit sides showing. Have a little fun with tiny crumbs. A common kitchen napkin under the basket adds another element without cluttering.


Nope: Fresh out of the oven, but still in the baking pan and sitting on top of the stove. (Really, what stove actually used for cooking is photo-ready?) Yes, golden biscuit tops are showing, but that’s all we see.



Yep: Pile that yummy broken-by-hand peppermint bark on a plate. And we know you’re having coffee, too, so add a mug. Striped holiday napkin or tablecloth adds easy, instant charm. And the angle is simple. Often, what you see naturally as you sit down to enjoy the treat makes the perfect angle.


Nope: Kitchen sink sprayer, busy countertop and tall parchment paper distract. It’s better to show the layers of the bark to get things a little more festive.   


Nope: Photo is trying to tell the story of New Year’s Eve (hello, cork). But the paper towel distracts, the bubbly has fizzled, and the angle is distracting.   


Yep: Crouched down to table height to take the picture, using Photo blur app for iPhone to soften background of bottle.

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