Dean Marvin Malecha of NC State

Marvin Malecha retires

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One designed the interior of the 2016 Mustang GT. Another worked on ads for Victoria’s Secret, and still another was a finalist on Project Runway.

Malecha will retire this month as dean of North Carolina State University’s prestigious College of Design. He has accepted a position as President and Chief Academic Advisor at NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego, California. Malecha said he’s calling this new experience “Chapter three.”

Each chapter of his career has changed him.

“You are never the same person after you’ve designed a project as you are before. You never are. You are always in transition,” says Malecha, who was on the building committee for the award-winning Hunt Library.

He’s definitely evolved during his 22 years in Raleigh. He was instrumental in opening CAM Raleigh. He was also the architect for the N.C. State chancellor’s home, “The Point,” an 8,500-square-foot mansion that captures the progressiveness of the university.

During his time here in Raleigh, Malecha said the city has come alive with a flourishing restaurant scene and improved architecture.

“This is a place that says it wants to be seen on the innovation edge,” he says.

Future Raleigh?

If the future of Raleigh’s architecture and design were in Malecha’s hands, he would like to see it open to new ways of thinking. Each building would be different and set the benchmark for the next.

“I would want it to be human-centered. So that the streets are filled with people and activity and the scale of the materials would be appropriate to Raleigh. And there would be vegetation, ample vegetation, to provide shade and let the city breathe as is already the tradition here.”

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