Friends and Politics

Friend and Politics (on the rocks)

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Simply type in “friends who like_____” and it will sort them so you can friend (or unfriend) en masse.

But can’t we find a way to get along, regardless of our feelings for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Can’t friendships be bipartisan?

921-NB-Democratic-DonkeyDemocrat James Carville and Republican Mary Matalin could give us all a few pointers, bantering back and forth in their Maker’s Mark bourbon commercial: “It isn’t about the Republican party, it isn’t about the Democratic party, but it is about the cocktail party.”

The politically divided house of Democrat Carville and Republican Matalin has made a career of exhibiting how much fun disagreeing can be.

If you were raised here, though, you were probably taught it was bad etiquette to discuss religion or politics. Now, on social media you see that courtesy is often thrown out the window, run over by a truck and set on fire. And with the North Carolina primaries on March 15—and a presidential election less than a year away—politics will likely dominate our airwaves, twitter feeds and conversations.

But if Carville and Matalin can do it…can’t we? Or will we suffer the fate of Maria and Arnold? Though that may have had more to do with housekeepers than politics…

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