Show Us Your Underpants!

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Okay, not really. But kind of.

It’s all for the love of theater and art, we promise. In February, Theatre in the Park will host “The Underpants.” Comic and actor Steve Martin adapted this German classic into a comedic satire featuring a conservative couple, Louise and Theo Markes.

One day, Louise’s bloomers fall to her knees in public. She recovers them quickly, but the event changes her life in a series of twists and turns right under the nose of her oblivious husband.

Here, a few stories readers shared with us as long as we promised not to use their names.

Porta-potty pull-up

One reader left the porta-potty at a festival in Charleston with her pantyhose pulled up over her dress. Adding insult to injury, she trailed a long stream of toilet paper behind her as well. “Alcohol was involved,” she laughs. “It took way too long for someone to tell me, but finally this nice guy stopped me and said, “Excuse me, ma’am?”

Unintended drop

This reader was going to the Raleigh Home Show and on her way out saw a pair of underwear on the sidewalk. “My husband said, ‘They look just like yours, and that’s when I realized they were! I had put pants on that I had worn the night before, and they must have been stuck inside. Thank God they didn’t fall out inside the show! It could have been so much more embarrassing.”


Share a funny underpants story of your own, and we’ll send the author of the winning story to the show—and dinner!

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