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Americans are obsessed with saving time. We hate waiting in line. We want faster Internet. We want one-day shipping. Heck, we want one-hour shipping.

In February, Amazon made Raleigh its 25th city to receive the option—as long as you’re a member of the Prime Loyalty program ($99 a year) and use your smartphone and order through the Prime Now mobile app. One hour delivery is $7.99; two-hour delivery is free.

Some customers don’t like that the service is available only through a mobile app, but time-saving apps are making headway in Raleigh.

Check these out:

shipt Shipt

Connects you with shoppers who will buy and deliver your groceries to your home. Right now the app is using Harris Teeter.

Michelin OnSite

No time for new tires? Select what you need online, and Michelin will come to your house or office and change them for you. You don’t even have to go outside.

order up OrderUp

From 11 a.m. until 10 p.m., order delivery from more than 70 Raleigh restaurants—all through one app—and track your food in real time.

spiffy Spiffy

Let the car wash come to you. Schedule a detailing or washing, and the service comes to you. Scheduling and paying are both done through the app.

tabbed out TabbedOut

Use this app to close out tabs and pay your check quickly at
participating local businesses.

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