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Think you have a pretty good idea of what your seatmate packed in his carry on? Not so fast. You’d be surprised at what the Transportation Security Administration finds in a year.

In 2015 at RDU, someone tried to carry on a rocket-propelled grenade. It was a dud—“inert” is the word TSA officials used, but yikes.

There were plenty of typical items apprehended as well—aerosols, big shampoo bottles (curse you 3 oz. limit!) and scissors.

Nationally, the items got weirder and weirder: sparklers, nunchucks, a sickle, a human skull, bear repellent and hand saws.

Maybe it’s not so bad, considering the TSA scans 1.9 million people every single day.

But really? Don’t we know by now we can’t carry a loaded gun on a plane?

The TSA confiscated 7 firearms every day nationwide—83 percent were loaded. Dallas was the top offending city, followed by Atlanta. That’s one list we’re glad we’re not on.

Want to see more? Look at TSA’s Instagram page to see what else passengers have been packing.

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