Drones: A Fly By

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Drones drop bombs, film movies and even illegally buzz the White House.

Jordan Petersen, Founder of Lift Aerial Marketing, creates high-quality photos and videos using drones and is the go-to guy for Raleighites wanting to experiment.

It can get a little dicey when these flying cameras get too close, he says; some ask if there’s an issue with privacy.

Not at the consumer price range.

“When you look at it from a pragmatic level, there should be very little to be concerned about,” says Petersen. The motors and propellers on drones are pretty noisy, but even with high-definition video, long zoom lenses only exist at the top-end (ahem, priciest) of models.

In terms of actual rules, Raleigh laws aren’t any stricter than those from the FAA. Drones must always be within visual sight, and if you’re flying it over private property, ask for permission first.

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