Pink and Blue Hues

Pink and Blue Hues

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That’s right: pink and blue.

Pantone is considered the provider of professional color standards for the design industry—the “authority” on color. Why two colors for 2016?

Pantone wanted to inspire a singular feeling, instead of a single color.

“Consumers are seeking mindfulness and well-being as an antidote to the stress of modern day lives,” said Pantone about the decision. “Welcoming colors that psychologically fulfill the yearning for reassurance and security is becoming more prominent.”

Around Town

Local designers have mixed feelings on the pairing.

“I personally think Rose Quartz and Serenity together in an entire room would be a bit much,” says Betty Eatman Nelson of Eatman’s Interiors. “It reminds me of cotton candy at the fair or the awful mauve and blue of the 80s. However, using Serenity separately with other rich colors to balance out the pastel could work. Serenity would be gorgeous with silver, black, deep blues or rich yellows.”

Laurie Ledbetter says the Serenity “pick” mixes the ever popular blue-gray tones with orchid. “Given the continuing popularity of gray as a neutral foundation for most any room, Serenity can be easily incorporated through furniture, fabric and accessories into your home.”

We’re already seeing the colors in national chains and local boutiques—with everything from baby clothes to furniture. Designers are buzzing about pastel pink being in the spotlight—rose rugs, upholstery, paint and accessories and how to pair them. The hue can bring a sense of relaxation and romance to your space.

“This was the color of the 80s, and it’s back in a big way,” says Tula Summerford of Designs by Tula. “Rose Quartz is a soft muted pastel that can work as an accent with creams and pale blues or can be used as a primary color in any style room.”

Serenity is a great pick for spaces where you want just that—peace and quiet.

“Serenity blue accented by a neutral is a pleasant backdrop in a bedroom,” adds Summerford. “Serenity blue works well with pewter, rose and oatmeal accents. You can use this blue in a monochromatic theme and select white bedding to enhance the serene feeling this color lends to a bedroom.”

Nelson says she’d pair rose with other rich colors to balance out the pastel. “Used with gray, taupe, chocolate brown or gold could be elegant and rich.”

The picks demonstrate a balance of cool and warm—and perhaps of other things.

“It’s interesting that Pantone chose two pastels,” Nelson says. “Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore chose a white for their color of the year. It turns out that Pantone chose these pastels as a reflection of the gender issues in society today. Political or social statement aside, Pantone is getting a lot of buzz for their choice in 2016.”

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Pink and Blue Hues

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