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In our Spring fashion photo shoot, our inspirations were the colors and energy of the great fashion photographer Richard Avedon and the quirkiness of British photographer David Bailey and his model muse Jean Shrimpton.

Shrimpton was an icon of the British Mod subculture, and from the late 50s to late 60s, tradition and modern life clashed, laying fertile ground for trends and revivals that still inspire designers worldwide.

Eclectic pairings showed up last September on this season’s runways of New York, Milan, Paris and London and are now taking over shelves at retail venues across Raleigh.

You’ll see a lot of diversity in style, and there are a few comeback pieces I’m excited about: a light-weight dress coat worn as a blazer (roll up the sleeves), pointy shoes and, dare I say it, big hair.

But Spring and Summer fashion this year will truly be about color—and not just bright colors or pastels. You’ll see unusual combinations, many funky and inspired by the 60s and 70s. Think orange and yellow or red and vintage pink.

The fascination with color in the spring and summer is nothing new. Every year designers encourage us to play, but this year they want us to experiment with the unusual.

My favorite colors to wear together this spring are burnt orange with pink. It’s very 70s, and I love to go retro. Delicate pairings—like yellow and pink—are gorgeous too. In the summer, you’ll notice more light blue and pink pairings.

In addition to mixing and matching the unusual, mix different colors in pants, tops and shoes. Or commit to trying colors you thought didn’t work with your complexion. Paired with a color you love, the combo could be stunning. To add depth to a favorite classic, treat bold, colorful statement jewelry as a wardrobe piece.

You’ll never know unless you try.

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