Bold, Bright and Beachy

The vibrant coral-infused sunsets North Carolina is famous for can be a source of inspiration for your home. Coral, a popular shade in beach cottages, can take on a bolder, brighter personality serving as a great accent color in any room.

It pairs perfectly with white, soft aqua, navy, natural wood and brass accents. Consider painting an accent wall, ceiling or door; it’s a sure standout that’s both energetic and fun.

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“Bird of paradise is bold, bright and refreshing! Use it on beach cottage furniture; it’s the perfect complement to whites, rustic woods and beachy blues.”

— Kristi Van Zyl, Chalk It Up

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“Ravishing coral is a vivid color that adds an energetic vibe to any room. It’s the perfect pop of color for a neutral color palette.”

— Julie Stegner, Design Den

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“Mixing Amy Howard’s Massey Hill (a fun, funky orange) and Ballet White (her truest white) can create some beautiful coral hues. Play with the ratio to create a soft coral, perfect for an accent color or add a little more orange for a bright, bold statement.”

— Laurie Ledbetter, Affordable Chic

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“Coral is summery and warm, but it’s so much more than just a seasonal shade. I love Wet Coral to brighten any space and/or ceiling in your room.”

— Ralph Townes, Draperies by Townes

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“The depth of this coral makes it the perfect hue for an accent wall, lacquering a vintage chair or pairing it with a linen white for a real pop of color in your space.”

— Tula Summerford, Design by Tula

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