Reliable Loan: The Next Chapter

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After 67 years in business, with 40 of those years spent in an old building on Wilmington Street, Reliable Loan and Jewelry is moving to a new location. The community mainstay isn’t moving far, less than a block away, but the space will look very different.

“Once everyone knew we were just going down to the corner, there was a pretty big sigh of relief,” says Alan Horwitz, the family’s third generation son to run the business.

The location, at the ground level of a newly constructed mixed-use building, will feature all new showcases on one expansive floor. Horwitz says they will preserve pieces of the previous store’s history through original signage and the old Reliable Loan clock.

“We want to try and keep the old school feel of Reliable in our new space,” he says. “I don’t want some ultra-fancy jewelry store. We’re just moving not changing.”

During his childhood, the junior Horwitz used to play in the shop. As he grew older, Alan started working for his father, Phillip Horwitz, and his interest in the business developed further as he watched his dad skillfully interact with customers.

“The best way to learn is from the best,” he says.

Though Horwitz senior isn’t sentimental about leaving the old space, his son feels the transition will be bittersweet. The building where he spent much of his childhood will be torn down to become a 19-story high rise.

About 80 percent of the new location’s business will focus on jewelry, the rest will be musical equipment and electronic sales.

“I’m going to leave the junk behind and there’s been a lot of junk that’s built up over 40 years,” says the elder Horwitz.

What won’t get discarded is the family’s system of writing every item on a bright yellow index card to record sales and consignment terms. Boxes and boxes of the cards will be transported to the new space, though the younger Horwitz would like to modernize the system.

For now, father and son are focused on making sure the community they serve is welcomed to the new store. “We still have customers who need loans and that is a side of our business I can’t give up,” says Alan. “People need us and they know they can count on us.”

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  1. This Raleigh mainstay is an essential part of the revival of our new downtown. For decades they have catered to everyone, and have the best inventory in town. New jewelers may come and go, but no one makes it in this business without trust, loyalty, and excellent value. Generations of families have trusted them for this reason, and I personally am thrilled that they will anchor a retail establishment so badly needed in downtown Raleigh. Reliable will remain the go to place for smart shoppers who understand truly investing in jewelry.

  2. Great blog! Yes, Customer satisfaction is very important. I agree with you that If you provide excellent service then it will leave a mark. If your customer is not satisfied with your products or services you can’t grow your business.

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