Blue & White: The New Neutral

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“Blue and white pieces lend themselves to versatility because they are basically neutral,” says Pauline Miller of Beau Chic, a small space within the Affordable Chic store that features unique kitchen items. Miller likes to use blue and white accent pieces in her home to create simple yet beautiful spaces. Here, she shares a few of her design tricks.

DSC_9495An often-overlooked area when decorating is the floor but a well-placed piece below eye level can elevate most spaces. “It creates unexpected impact, draws the eye in and completes the area,” says Miller. She placed a large blue and white vase under an ornate wooden table, creating a serene Asian-inspired vignette.

Filling a charming cabinet with eclectic blue and white pieces can look beautiful. Miller offers advice on how to pull it off without looking cluttered. She suggests sticking to odd-numbered groupings—three to five items. “If the grouping is my focal point, I keep the focus on it while putting pieces around it that quietly enhance the [grouping] without detracting the attention from it,” she says.

“Blue and white can be the star of the show or it can be a great complement where needed to create an area of interest,” says Miller. Placing a single piece on a tray turns an ordinary space into a cozy and delightful one without much effort.

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