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There’s a reason why classic movies are deemed “classic”—they withstand the test of time. But can we use the same reasoning when it comes to fashion? Definitely! Katherine Hepburn’s tailored women’s suits are ever present on runways, and Audrey Hepburn’s white button down shirt is a ubiquitous staple in every stylish woman’s closet.

The key, however, to transforming an onscreen look into real life is making it your own. Don’t try to replicate the costume; instead, update it to reflect your personal style. For example, get inspired by Gone With the Wind; Instead of petticoats, choose a vintage black dress and embellish with a striking brooch.


The prep-style chic Ali MacGraw wore in Love Story provides ample inspiration this fall. Swap out her wool coat for a lighter trench, and add bold red Hunter rain boots to the look. The ensemble will keep you fashionable and dry!


We often covet the elegant outfits we see on film, but you can also take your cue from more casual looks. Brightly patterned scarves are making a comeback this fall: Louise’s character knew how to tie one on to accessorize plain jeans a blouse.

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