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As we move into fall and green slowly fades away an orchid offers a bright spot to any room.  Zach Wood, Assistant Greenhouse Manager, loves orchids but knows it can be intimidating to try to care for one.  In his “Orchids are Easy” class he shares how orchids are a lot like people with just a few basic needs.  The first step to succeeding, however, is knowing your orchid. Here are the five most popular.

Phalaenopsis Known as the moth orchid, this genus is one of the most popular. The flowers can last for two to three months.


Cattleya The showy flowers range in size between 2  to 6 –inches, and come in all colors except blue and black.


Dendrobium This orchid native to Asia was used in 17th century Japan to perfume clothing.


Vanda This commonly found orchid is prized for its fragrant, long-lasting and colorful flowers.



Paphiopedilum Widely cultivated, these orchids are easy to grown indoors. They’re nicknamed slipper orchids because of the pouch-like shape of the lip of the flower.

Fall Open House

Atlantic Avenue Orchid & Garden; “Orchids are Easy” $5, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

What you’ll discover at the workshop:

• How to repot an orchid

• How to water orchids properly

• Learn six different varieties of orchids and their light requirements

• How to arrange orchids in decorative containers

• What supplies you’ll need to repot and care for orchids

• How to detect diseases

Participants will receive one free sleeping orchid. 

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