By the Numbers: Millennials

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When it comes to money, its a good-news-bad-news scenario for Raleigh’s Generation Z, also known as millenials.

Bank of America and USA Today examined how Raleigh’s 18- to 26-year-olds are faring financially and found that adulthood isn’t about age to many. More than 45 percent say they define adulthood as hitting a financial milestone, such as buying a house or car, not reaching a certain age. Nearly three-quarters (72 percent), report they’re saving for the future, which sounds good but the numbers show its because they’re still getting substantial financial support.

47% wished they learned how to invest while in high school or college

1 in 3 wish they had learned how to prepare for a job interview.

1 in 3 still lives with their parents

Among those with student debt, 57% say it will impact the way they vote.

Only 43% do their own taxes

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