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“Every bedroom should have a space that is comfortable for reading or drinking your morning coffee,” says designer Tula Summerford of Design by Tula. Here, she offers her expertise on this enviable space.

1. Pair of gilded chairs from Paris Flea Market upholstered in Kravet Couture Fabric

This is actually a traditional home with a mix of transitional, eclectic and antique pieces. I chose unique fabrics with hints of silver and gold. Both have a modern feel but when used on antique pieces the mix is magical.

2. Table by Design by Tula

Gold is classic and timeless when mixed with crisp whites and various textures. The gilded pieces don’t compete with the other furnishings but instead vanish in the space.

3. 1980’s lucite and gold lamp from DBT, shade from Thompson & Lynch

I have a great respect for tradition, but I’m always tempted to give it a little edge. I focused on creating a serene space mixing pieces from various eras.

4. Mirror by Hunt and Gather SEABOARD

I always try to maximize the natural lighting a space offers, this helps open up a space no matter how large or small the space is. If there is limited lighting in a space I position mirrors directly in front of windows. Another great tip is to use semi-gloss paint when possible to help reflect the light.

5. Antique Persian rug, Design by Tula

6. French perfume set by Keils Antiques

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