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Loading Dock: A Commitment to Community

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The Raleigh-Durham area was ranked the No. 4 Start-up Hub in the US, according to startup incubator 1776, citing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce foundation report that 291 new companies were founded here in the past year. And getting out of the garage and into a professional space without breaking the bank is easier than ever. Multiple co-working spaces have popped up around the Triangle, including HQ Raleigh, Industrious, American Underground and Loading Dock. But what makes the collaborative space Loading Dock different from the rest? It’s all in the name.

“Our space includes 1,000 square feet of offices and 1,000 square feet of loading dock space,” says Carter Ellis, Community Manager of Loading Dock, a non-profit company. The loading dock can be an important amenity for small businesses that rely on receiving or sending shipments, an often overlooked business convenience.

The company’s story began when Philip Freeman, CEO and Founder of Murphy’s Naturals, needed more space and required a loading dock area that was larger than his garage. He soon discovered that others in the area had similar needs: the collaborative offices and warehouse space was born.

“With our offices and shared warehouse, we offer a clean and dirty workspace,” adds Ellis. The company is also a B-Corp, providing ethical living throughout, from the top down.

“For a nonprofit, [Loading Dock is] great because we don’t have to pay overhead,” says Erica Porter, Development and Events Manager for the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation, one of the members. “We’re not paying for the building and the power. We share the printers and paper. Our expenses are a lot lower so our money can go towards our programs.”

Since opening in May, many businesses have rented different tiers of offices spaces. From start-ups to seasoned businesses, the office is filled with designers, architects, lawyers, realtors, nonprofits, and many other mobile professionals.

The space features a full-service kitchen, private conference rooms, collaborative work spaces, printing, mail services locker rooms with showers, a quiet library space, and full office suites. On top of the indoor features, the warehouse is located around the corner from Lynnwood Brewing Concern, where you’ll see the collaborators grabbing a pint after work.

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