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Raleigh Entrepreneur Launches CurEat

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We have all been there, out of town in a great city ready for dinner or a drink but struggling to pick the best spot. Wishing you could ask local chefs or bartenders for their top pick. Now you can, thanks to Raleigh entrepreneur Steve Mangano.

Mangano’s new app, CurEat, is designed to help you find the best restaurants and bars in 60 cities. He won’t call it this, but it’s an anti-Yelp restaurant app. It only includes positive comments about local independent restaurants and bars – no chains or franchises.  Restaurant and bar owners control all the information and photos you see on CurEat.

A unique feature of CurEat are the CurEaters—chefs, bartenders, tastemakers and artisan craft-makers—who are influential in each city and who share their favorites spots to eat and drink.

Some of the CurEaters in Raleigh include:  Scott Crawford, owner of Crawford & Son; Kevin Barrett of Dram & Draught; Ashley Christensen, owner of AC Restaurants; and Marjorie Hodges of the North Carolina Museum of Art. So CurEat will tell you where Scott Crawford likes to have a drink in Charleston or where Wyatt Dickston of PICNIC in Durham likes to eat in Atlanta.

Presently the app shares more information about the Triangle area since it was developed and beta tested here. Expansion plans will soon roll out CurEaters’ picks for Charlotte, Asheville, Charleston, Richmond, Atlanta, Miami and Birmingham.

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