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It seems as though a new nail art trend floods the Internet daily, from nail caviar to tie-dye to mirror manicures. Nail stamping, a technique that looks fancy but only takes a few steps, is one that can be done at a salon or at home. It’s an easy way to add delicate nail art that will last as long as your manicure.

A dollop of polish is painted onto a small metal stencil. A rounded rubber stamp device is then pressed onto the stencil where it picks up the delicate polish design.  The design is then applied to the nails just like a stamp on paper. The result is an intricate painted design that takes only a couple minutes and can be easily replicated for consistency of the design.

According to Monica Khov, the owner of The Nail Stop (, the technique is best done using gel polish on already-painted gel polish as opposed to regular lacquer. If gel polish is used, the design is then set with a topcoat and cured with an ultraviolet lamp for longer wear that lasts as long as the lifespan of the manicure. The service costs $5 per nail.

Luckily for the budget conscious, nail stamping can also be done at home but unlikely to last as long. To try your hand at the technique; beauty supply stores sell stamping kits that can be used with any kind of polish. The results are symmetrical, detailed designs that require no artistic skill.

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— Abby Cummings

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