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Vaginal health is not a subject many women find easy to discuss, yet many who have given birth or experienced menopause have potential issues that can impact their lives. According to experts, one of the latest technologies—the diVa Vaginal Laser—offers women a fast treatment option with minimal discomfort to help rejuvenate the vagina. Synergy Spa & Aesthetics is among the first medical spas in the state to provide the treatment so we spoke with founder Anna Churchill about the technology.

Why did you decide you wanted to offer the treatment to clients?

While feminine rejuvenation is not always a comfortable topic for women to publicly discuss, the vast majority of women secretly suffer from some type of vaginal issue that they wish to have remedied. Whether it be from childbirth, menopause/hormonal changes or just the natural aging process, women experience changes that may impede with functionality or cause insecurities during very personal moments.

We knew feminine rejuvenation finally had a viable solution with diVa because it was developed by Sciton, the leading laser technology provider in the industry. The diVa treatment went through extensive successful clinical trials before being put on the market.

Why is it a game-changer for women?

The diVa treatment utilizes hybrid fractional laser technology. [The] technology was groundbreaking for laser rejuvenation; the results are consistent and undeniable for effective feminine rejuvenation. The diVa treatment is especially superior to other alternatives, such as radio frequency technology, which can be found more commonly, but often with inconsistent outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Most of all, bringing a viable option for feminine rejuvenation to the Triangle opens up the dialogue for women to feel more comfortable talking about common problems, such as laxity, tightness, dryness and incontinence. Women should not feel embarrassed to address these issues, and all women deserve to feel confident and comfortable with their body.

How long does the procedure take?

An initial consultation is required and can often be performed on the same day as the treatment. During the consultation, the provider asks a series of questions for determining the settings to ensure treatment is targeting the areas of concern. Prior to a consultation, a basic pelvic exam conducted within 12 months is required, and most women already do this routinely with their gynecologist.

While the diVa treatment primarily focuses on internal vaginal function and external laxity, overall appearance can also be addressed during treatment. The diVa treatment lasts between three to 15 minutes each time, and three total treatments are required (spaced four weeks apart for maximum results).

Is there any downtime after the procedure is done?

Because of the advanced hybrid fractional laser technology, you may resume normal activities right after the diVa treatment. Though, to be safe, you must abstain from sexual activity for at least 48 hours after each treatment.

What kind of feedback are you getting from clients?

Not only do our patients rave about the diVa treatment, but patients around the entire U.S. are thrilled with their results. In fact, diVa has a 100 percent approval rating on Realself, which is a respected website providing reviews and discussion on the latest medical aesthetics and cosmetic surgery advances.

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