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Fashion Scents

March 8th is International Women’s Day and in Italy, where I grew up, we would celebrate the “Festa delle Donne” for the entire month of March. As part of the celebration, we would exchange yellow mimosas. Women would give female friends the flower in solidarity, and men would give mimosas to women as a sign of respect. When I think of those days, I can almost smell the scent of mimosas filling the air.

In Raleigh, you don’t have the same tradition; however, I thought I would share my Italian memories in the pages of this magazine. That’s why you’ll find fashions inspired by florals, as a way to celebrate the women in our lives.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we should forget our men. And so you’ll find a page devoted to pairing ties with different shirts. Let’s face it, men always look dapper in a well-matched tie but the wrong pairing can be uninspiring. Avoid looking too coordinated with the same exact color schemes. Instead, add a little spice and favor complementary shades.

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