Musical Review: The Bodyguard

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The Bodyguard

It’s must be daunting to step into Whitney Houston’s shoes, but Grammy Award-nominated recording artist Deborah Cox does an admirable job performing the role of Rachel Marron in the Broadway version of “The Bodyguard” at DPAC until Mar. 19. Based on the 1992 thriller starring Houston and Kevin Costner, the stage production tells the story of an international renowned pop star, who must hire a bodyguard to protect her from a dangerous stalker, and in the process the two fall in love.

Almost a hybrid between a concert and play, Cox belts out fan favorite’s “Queen of the Night,” “I Want to Dance with Somebody,” and more alongside dancers in an energetic musical performance that gets the crowd going. However, the love story between Marron and bodyguard, Frank Farmer, takes some time to heat up. In fact, the chemistry between Cox and her co-star Judson Mills isn’t as electric as one would hope. However, by the second act, all the performers start to hit their stride and the audience becomes more invested in the outcomes of the characters.

Marron’s sister Nicki, played by Jasmin Richardson, and her son Fletcher, played by Kevelin B. Jones III, are bright additions to the cast, each bringing energy and passion to their performance. In fact, it’s Richardson’s character that draws sympathy from the crowd, while Jones steals the show with his ebullient dancing.




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