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Comic book writer Jeremy Whitley has written for Marvel, “My Little Pony” and created the award-winning series, “Princeless.” He will be a special guest at this year’s NC Comicon, speaking on panels and signing comics. We got the scoop on his work ahead of time.

RM: Favorite comic character?

Probably Storm. She’s power, she’s grace, and if you put her in a bad mood – well – you can’t hide from the weather.

RM: Inspiration behind Princeless?

I was looking for a book where my daughter could see herself reflected as a hero and a princess.

RM: Thoughts on Bronies?

Some of the best people I know are Bronies! They do a ton of charity work, but like any fandom, there are always some loud mean folks that give others a bad name.

RM: Best part of Comicon?

When people Cosplay as characters I created. That’s really amazing!

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