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You may not have heard of threading, but the common beauty practice has been around for millennia. No one is sure about its origins, but most agree that threading was widely used in Asia, India and throughout the Middle East, and now you can try it here in Raleigh. Several local beauty salons offer the service.

“It’s growing more popular every year. Once you’ve done it, you never go back,” says Sanya Sukhwal, owner of Define Brows, who was trained in threading in India.

How does threading work? A beauty technician twists and rolls thread across unwanted hair to remove it, often plucking a row of follicles at a time. Technicians wrap the string around their hands, neck or grip it in their mouth for more precise hair removal. Sukhwal believes the mouth method is unsanitary and only uses the neck technique, which she says is just as precise and safer. However, technicians who use the mouth method say that part of the string never touches their client’s skin.

Those who have tried threading report it’s less painful and faster than tweezing, where each hair is removed individually. While waxing is effective at removing larger strips of hair, it can be more irritating to skin, especially those with sensitivities or allergies.

“Threading is natural, no chemicals,” says Sukhwal. “The shape is more precise than with waxing, and it takes only two to three minutes.”

Most commonly used on eyebrows, threading can easily remove unwanted facial hair on cheeks, sideburns, chin or upper lips. Sukhwal also says you can use it on the body. She has clients who are allergic to wax and turn to this method instead.

 Where to Try Threading

Define Brows

7961 Skyland Ridge Road

Triangle Eyebrow Threading

5369 Creedmoor Road

Idolize Brows and Beauty

4325 Glenwood Ave.

Designer Brows

6085 Capital Blvd.

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