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If you haven’t made the trip to Cary to check out Hmart, a Korean-inspired supermarket based out of Queens, NY that opened at the end of last year, it’s time to make the trek. The name comes from the Korean phrase–—“Han Ah Reum”—which translates as “one arm full of groceries.” But your arms might not be able to carry it all, and you’ll quickly fill your basket with interesting International finds.

Make no mistake: Hmart doesn’t just stock Asian specialties. It’s huge (about 46,000 square feet), and you can find many things you usually buy at your regular supermarket from coffee creamer to deli meats. Plus, they have a food court with myriad options for lunch or dinner—Korean BBQ, noodles, chocolate-filled pastries and more. Check out some of our favorite finds!

Japanese Choco Boy mushroom-inspired chocolate treats and Korean sweet crackers.

Korean cuisine staple fermented-cabbage kimchi.

The sweet and sour star fruit.

Taffy-like White Rabbit creamy candy.

Apple Oligo syrup substituted for corn syrup.

Enoki mushroom is known for several health benefits

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