Mister and Ms. Pompadour Celebrates Looking Good

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After being nominated eight times, actor Jon Hamm finally won an Emmy in 2015 for his portrayal of suave advertising executive Don Draper in “Mad Men.” But there was an unlikely duo celebrating with him more than 2,500 miles away: Zach Henry and Matt Davis, creators of Mister Pompadour hair products.

“When he won his Emmy Award, he wore our product and it was written up in Vanity Fair,” says Davis. “That’s pretty cool–we’re just two guys from Raleigh.”

The press, along with the new brand’s solid mission to provide quality grooming products for men who take pride in how they look, launched Mister Pompandour across the United States and the world with customers in over 90 countries.

However, Davis is quick to note that no business is built overnight. The two mechanical engineers and product designers met on the job and connected over their mutual philosophy to take pride in looking put-together. “We wanted to show off the job we wanted not the job we had,” says Henry.

They decided to explore men’s grooming products, something they were both familiar with, and their background in manufacturing came in handy in developing the company. They chose the name Mister Pompadour, a classier homage to the greaser style popular in the ‘50s, and personally tested all the products. When they launched right around the 4th of July, they were hopeful they would sell through the small batch of inventory they had manufactured.

“I had all these cases in my garage,” says Henry. “My wife walked into the garage and said, ‘Are you ever going to sell this much product?’ Now we sell that much in a day.”

The brand’s success has allowed Davis and Henry to explore women’s products, and this month they are launching Ms. Pompadour, with a line of 12 products, including six shampoos and conditioners, a leave-in conditioner, dry shampoo and smoothing serum. Prices range between $20-$30, and you can buy them online or locally at The Sky Parlor Salon and Soapbox Salon.

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