From Trash to Treasure

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Take two self-proclaimed “car nuts” and drop them off in a scrap yard and what do you get? An entertainment center made from the front of a 1955 pink Cadillac.

Four years ago spouses Mark “Bash” and Lola Hill met up with a gentleman who owned a junk yard that was closed down in the late 90s. Within its grounds sat a bunch of really old, really cool cars. They started pulling off pieces here and there, refurbishing and repurposing them, and soon a business was born.

“We started selling them at the flea market,” says Bash. “Then we just started cutting bigger and bigger chunks and making larger and larger pieces.”

Those larger pieces range from wine bars to couches, with the leftovers crafted into jewelry by Lola, a growing part of the business.

“We made a couple of pieces to get our name out there when we were getting started, but now we have people contact us,” says Bash, who understands that there can be a lot of emotion in old cars.

If a car is too worn down, families often request the construction of a large furniture piece, with the rest of the car turned into jewelry keepsakes for other family members. Not all of Bash & Lola’s creations come from the junkyard or special requests, however. Sometimes inspiration appears from a simple road trip.

“We’ll just take off on a Saturday, drive through the country and ask, ‘Hey, is that old car with a tree growing through it for sale?’” says Bash, in what he calls a “knock and talk” approach. “The cars kind of let you know what they want to be. You see it and you know it is definitely going to be a bar, a couch, a table.”

Those pieces are only chopped from vehicles that cannot get back on the road, a big misconception that Bash & Lola want to be clear about, especially among classic car enthusiasts.

In spec pieces, Bash says they try to create original pieces and not repeat what they’ve done in the past. However, he admits that most people request bars because everyone wants a story while you are sitting around drinking.

“We love what we do because we are saving these beautiful relics from harm’s way,” says Lola. “As in from the crusher destined to become forks.”

While Bash & Lola have traveled as far as Texas and Boston to sell at antique shows, they will be featured locally at the Man Show, a brand new man cave expo on Father’s Day in Raleigh.

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