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“My approach to interior design is to repurpose what you currently own, start collecting unique and beautiful pieces from different eras, and splurge on a few statement pieces. This way your home looks curated and magazine worthy,” says interior designer Kellie Landen of Kellie Landen Designs. Here, she shares the key design elements of this playful yet sophisticated space.

  1. The home featured was designed by a local architect with a modern/open floor plan. We selected ebony to stain the floors, which is extremely dark. It creates a lovely contrast paired with the white walls. These modern elements paired with some traditional pieces, which were repurposed, add a fresh, modern and current look.
  2. The buffet was purchased over 10 years ago at Cozart’s in downtown Raleigh. My client wanted a new buffet because the existing one was stained mahogany. I suggested lacquering it with a pop of color. We selected a vibrant green and a local lacquer specialist, David Stone, painted the piece.  His turn around is amazing and his quality prep work resists chipping.
  3. The dining room chairs were originally purchased from George McNeil, a local antique dealer, over ten years ago.  They needed to be refreshed so I selected a white paint for David Stone to lacquer.  We selected the fabric from A. Hoke, a local fabric store, that sells exclusively to the trade. The classic round marble top dining room table was purchased at Cozart’s. The large mirror and chandelier were purchased from the Charlotte Antique Expo.
  4. The lamps were a steal. I purchased them from Missions Thrift Store on Millbrook Road for $10. The bones were great. I painted them high gloss black and covered the shades in the chair fabric to add detail and drama to the room. The accessories on the buffet were purchased at various local thrift stores.
  5. Everyone needs at least one live orchid in his or her home. I use Beautiful Blooms in Raleigh. The owner, Catherine Merriman, delivers them to my clients. Not only is it a great gift but an orchid can last up to three months and doesn’t require much maintenance.

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