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Seeing Red

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The official shade of fall makes a statement that goes far beyond the color wheel…Red is the most prominent color in fashion right now.

Frederic Rouge Tote

Frederic Rouge Tote, $300;
C.T. Weekends

Alherton Makaki Crepe

Alherton Makaki crepe double v-top, $152; Kannon’s

Hamlin red dress

IRO Hamlin red dress, $458; Uniquities

Suede braided sandals

Suede braided sandals, $112; J. Crew

Karvinen shirt vanilja

Karvinen shirt vanilja, $488; C.T. Weekends

Valentino red sunglasses

Valentino round sunglasses, $85; Neiman Marcus

sistine embroidery one shoulder dress

Sistine embroidery one shoulder dress, $289; Voda Boutique

CarmenSol tote

CarmenSol tote, $168; Uniquities

Galaxy dot ruffle dress

Galaxy dot ruffle dress, $56; Voda Boutique

Matte red bead strand

Matte red bead strand, $49; Madison

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