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Finding wall space for art is a common struggle in decorating or designing kitchen spaces. Colorful Concepts owner and designer Sally Williams shared her creative solution, the screen-printed Glass Barn Door.

Describe the concept and how you came up with the idea?

The color palette of light, warm grays for the walls, upholstery and flooring in this client’s new home was accentuated with a broad range of color via a new collection of artwork placed throughout the home. In the kitchen of white marble and cabinetry, there was no available wall space for artwork; the glass pantry door art creation evolved as I began to consider other ways to introduce color to the room.

What’s the ideal use?

The glass art looks amazing backlit, so consider an interior light that can be controlled from outside of the pantry. This concept would be fantastic on any closet. Other uses could be covering a section of a wall of built-in book cases, open shelving in a kitchen or a TV above a fireplace.

How is the art created?

The first step was for the clients to select an image they wanted to see large-scale in their kitchen, then selecting the type of glass (clear, textured, etc.). Carolina Glass and Mirror was called upon to coordinate the creation and installation of the glass door: having the image ordered and screen-printed on the glass, sourcing the appropriate soft-close barn door mechanism for the weight, and completing the final installation.

What’s the cost range?

For this particular project, the cost of glass, image, screen-printing, soft-close barn door hardware and installation was $5,256. Any similar project would have to be custom-quoted and would vary depending primarily upon finished size.

What else should someone know about this decorating concept if they’re considering it?

Keep image orientation and resolution in mind. The hardest part of this project was finding an image that would crop well to suit the 3’w x 8’h door and also had a high enough resolution (pixel count of 6000 x 9000) suitable for the large format result. The clients found numerous images they liked but most were not large enough to fit the bill. Ultimately, the image selected was found on

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