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An Appointment With A Princess

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Christmas is a magical time, especially for children. And when we think of holiday visitors, typically Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman come to mind. But what if your child could meet more than just the Christmas icons we all know and love?

Yes, we’re talking about the fairytale characters kids adore!

This year for the holidays, try something different with Fantasy Faire Character Company, a Raleigh business offering 20-minute visits from their Ice Queen and Snow Princess, or Beauty Princess and Glass Slipper Princess. Each child receives a Christmas card, a handmade gift from the visiting princesses and plenty of holiday magic.

“My aim for the company is to provide authentic and magical experiences for the young and young of heart alike,” says Falon Perkins, the owner of Fantasy Faire Character Company, who is going into her fourth year in the industry. “It’s REAL magic for us. Most of the time, children run up to greet us with a thousand questions, genuine smiles, and the best warm hugs you could ever possibly receive.”

Occasionally, even the parents get enveloped in the magic.

“Parents love what we do,” Perkins says. “Sometimes, even they get a little starstruck around their favorite characters! We try our hardest to bring the characters to life in the most accurate way possible, and the parents really appreciate that. We are so lucky to have gotten to meet so many families and share our love of fairytales and wonder.”

While the Christmas visits are indeed something special, Perkins also highlights her yearly birthday party offerings, complete with a theatrical style entrance by the fairytale character of choice, accompanied by music and plenty of pixie dust, of course. The princess entertains her royal guests with interactive stories, dancing, themed games, sing-alongs, nail painting and more. The birthday girl (or boy) receives an honorary coronation ceremony, complete with a scroll, tiara and certificate. The princess also distributes handmade wands to each child at the party as a keepsake.

Perkins sees her business as a way to create heartwarming moments for children, carefully training her employees to emulate fairytale characters in voice, mannerisms, posing and more. Her princesses keep the magic alive.

“I’ve always had a passion for performing, and being from a small town didn’t provide me with a lot of options for a career in the industry,” says Perkins, who sees herself as a type of fairy godmother in her role as owner. “I love children and I’ve always loved princesses, so I put the two together! Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing when I opened my first company, and I had no idea if the idea would even take off.”

Lucky for the children of Raleigh, it did.

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  1. What a well-spoken and inspiring young lady. We love to see our younger generations use their talents and passions! We wish many years of success to this business.

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