The Most Iconic Moments of 2017 … in GIFs

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Gfycat—the largest user generated GIF platform in the world—is celebrating the end of the year by sharing 10 GIFs that sum up the highs and lows of the year… even the ones you might have forgotten.

1. No matter what side you were on … that presidential election tho

2. Really taking those total solar eclipse warnings seriously

3. Warren #Bye-tty: Watching that painful Oscars “Best Picture” mixup

4. Real talk … why did romphims never catch on?

5. Who run the world? Women say: #metoo

6. Beyonce blesses the world with twins

7. Not ‘Fyre’ne: Thousands eat nasty cheese sandwiches at fake festival

8. Covfefe: Will we ever know what it means?

9. Did Kendall Jenner save 2017? (Hint: no)

10. And finally, I give you the most iconic meme of 2017…

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