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Water Woes

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I love Raleigh restaurants. I really really do. But one thing I do not love is when they set the table with teeny-tiny water glasses. I drink a lot of water. A LOT. When I’m seated at a table at any one of our fine establishments and discover a precious 6 oz. glass, I experience a feeling of annoyance mixed with panic; I am immediately concerned that there’s simply no way my server will be able to keep up with my water consumption. Recently at a local restaurant, I found myself in this situation so I proactively requested that my server might consider leaving the water pitcher on the table. When she informed me that she would need to go ask the manager, I was dismayed. She returned with apologies and said she would be unable to leave the bottle, with no further explanation. I was stunned. This establishment was not so fancy that the water would detract from a fine-dining experience. My husband even pointed out that the French-bistro-looking bottles with the little rubber stoppers begged to be set out on the tables. To her credit, our server did a great job of refilling my glass, but honestly, it seemed a needless hassle for her run herself ragged just to keep me hydrated. So if you’re not going to allow your customers to self-serve, please consider giving them bigger water glasses. Your thirsty patrons will thank you for it.

– Ele Roberts

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