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Communal Workouts

Drive past almost any church parking lot or park and you’ll likely see a group of folks suffering in unison through burpees, squats and lunges.

Group activity isn’t a new concept but it has certainly seen a massive up-tick in recent times. “Over the last 20 years we’ve seen rapidly rising numbers in spin, yoga and the emergence of CrossFit and its tribe mentality, “ says Rob McGillivray, a personal trainer and founder of Retrofit. “I believe it to be a key indicator that working out in a motivational pack, or using it as a tool to enhance competitive performance, is fast becoming the preferred form of exercise.”

Research shows that the healthy actions of others rub off on us. A 2016 study published in the journal “Obesity” found that overweight people tend to lose more weight if they spend time with their fit friends — the more time they spend together, the more weight they lose. Whether it’s a group fitness class at the gym or a run in the park with pals, there are lots of health benefits you can glean from working out in a group.

1. Burn Boot Camp

2. 12th State Crossfit

3. Team 24 Boot Camp

4. Iron Tribe Fitness

5. Cyclebar

Rising Stars In Food 

• Charcoal: It’s not just for grilling. Activated charcoal has been popping up on menus everywhere, in everything from lattes to froyo, and isn’t showing signs of slowing down.

• Jackfruit: Thank the vegans! Jackfruit, a tree- borne fruit billed as a “healthy and sustainable vegan meat replacement” saw a 131 percent growth in popularity in 2017. This fruit is flowering!

• Koji: The mold that makes miso, sake and soy sauce possible wasn’t on anyone’s radar until April of 2016, when it started popping up on menus and checks. Koji saw a jump in popularity last year and it’s just on the cusp of getting even bigger.

5 (Free) Healthy Living Podcasts

1. Psychology of Eating

It’s all about understanding your eating habits and how to change them for good. Host Marc David has helped million of people change their bad culinary choices.

2.Fat 2 Fit Radio

This one isn’t new; in fact, there’s been no new content since 2013 but it’s still worth listeningto. Host Russ Turley, who lost 60 pounds while host of “The Fat Guy Radio,” Helana Brigman, food writer, chef and personal trainer, and Jeff Ainslie talk about weight loss through lifestyle changes. There are no quick fixes.

3. No Meat Athlete Radio

Matt Frazier, founder of the No Meat Athlete brand, book and blog, shares his enthusiasm and knowledge of all things vegan and vegetarian nutrition. If you aren’t a vegetarian, still give it a try…we all need to increase our veggie intake.

4. Wellness Mama

Wellness Mama Katie talks about real food, stress, fitness and other ways to improve your family’s health by taking baby steps.

5. The Ultimate Health Podcast

Hosts Dr. Jesse Chappus, a chiropractor and holistic health enthusiast, and Marni Wasserman, a nutritionist, discuss everything from nutrition and superfoods to fitness, meditation and spirituality.

New Year New Running Shoes 

Hear’s a look at Gear Patrol’s favorites

Best for Gym-Going and Running: Adidas alphaBounce Beyond

Best Budget Pick: Altra Solstice

Best Daily Run: Saucony Liberty ISO

Best Lightweight Around-Town Runner: Puma Ignite Flash EvoKnit

Best Lightweight All-Arounder: New Balance Zante v4

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