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With the new year in full swing, we’re all on the lookout for health and beauty trends that will allow us to put our best feet forward in 2018, especially in the realm of makeup and skincare.

Beauty products containing certain ingredients have been found to contribute to negative health effects, which means people are paying more attention to what they’re putting on and into their bodies. Consumers want trustworthy goodies that won’t cause harm but are still effective. In fact, “clean beauty” is revolutionizing the everyday approach to healthy and hygienic skincare.

According to Vogue, “clean” beauty products differ from “natural” ones in that they’re free of harmful ingredients, including silicones, parabens and sulfates. Skincare brands such as Tata Harper, Goldfaden MD and Goop sell both clean and natural beauty products without artificial chemicals and ingredients that typically can be found in average merchandise

Here in Raleigh, Trellis Beauty —a pop-up and online retailer that prides itself simply as “a place to shop clean beauty”— is driving the clean beauty trend. Trellis, which will open its first brick-and-mortar location in North Raleigh’s Lafayette Village this month, offers products that are mindfully created and produced without toxic ingredients, with the health of our bodies and the environment at the forefront.

Makeup artist and self-proclaimed beauty junkie Tracy Gori opened the shop after she realized that regulatory laws within the beauty industry haven’t been updated since 1938. The lack of oversight allows companies to continue to use harmful ingredients in our favorite everyday beauty products, so Gori searched for only the best clean beauty brands for her store.

“You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health for that lipstick or body cream,” Gori says.

Trellis Beauty has established three pillars that deliver clean beauty to customers in the form of education, comfort and product selection. The store’s brands, including SkinOwl, Spela Cosmetics, Wyld Skincare and Elate Cosmetics, meet clients’ expectations for quality and Gori’s own definition of clean beauty products—produced with no proven or suspected harmful or toxic ingredients; they are safe, environmentally conscious and cruelty-free.

Trellis’s Kit Bar features a rotating collection of such customized products, allowing beauty gurus and makeup enthusiasts to try out the freshest products the store has to offer. Additionally, Trellis Beauty’s Talk Clean Beauty events and pop-up shops teach consumers why clean products are better, as well as provide helpful tips and tricks on makeup and skincare.

“We believe in progression, not perfection, so it’s important to us that we not only educate on why cleaner is better, but do it in a way that there is no judgement,” Gori says. “The bottom line is that it is a total, overwhelming lifestyle switch when you’re looking for healthier ways to live. But it’s nice to know that you have a place like Trellis Beauty, where the hard work of reading ingredient labels on personal care products is already done for you.”

Head to Trellis Beauty’s new all-in-one shop or website to pick up the cleanest beauty products in the area, and fulfill your new year resolutions of mindfulness and overall wellbeing.

Watch Out For…

When you’re looking for beauty products, these are the potentially harmful product ingredients to avoid:

Parabenspreservatives that are hormone disruptors, which can alter important hormone mechanisms in the body

Phthalateschemicals that disrupt the endocrine system and may lead to birth defects

Avobenzone and Oxybenzonechemical sunscreens that can cause irritation, sensitization and allergies

Formaldehydea preservative in cosmetics that is also a known carcinogen and can cause asthma, neurotoxicity, and developmental toxicity

“Fragrance”a term companies sometimes use to mask harmful ingredients without having to disclose them

Polyethylene glycol (PEGs)thickeners, softeners and/or moisture-carriers which can be contaminated with harmful carcinogens

Ethanolaminesa pH adjuster associated with allergies, skin toxicity, hormone disruption, and inhibited fetal brain development

BHT and BHAsynthetic antioxidants that can cause liver damage

Benzalkonium chloridea disinfectant used as a preservative that has been linked to severe skin, eye and respiratory irritation, as well as allergies

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