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Playthrough Gaming Convention

February 17th and 18th

Raleigh Convention Center

Gamers unite at the Raleigh Convention Center February 17 and 18 for a weekend full of all things game-related and an opportunity to meet fellow gamers around the country. Whether you’re into video games, cosplay, board games, or the many other events and activities occuring at the convention, take a look at this guide to make the most of Playthrough’s action-packedweekend.

If you’re into board games…

…check out the free-to-play board game area.

The show floor will feature free play tables and a board check-out system much like that at alibrary. Playthrough will have hosts at different board game tables throughout the weekend who can aid new players in the rules of game play. Free-to-play board games include Boss Monster, Coup, Werewolf, Mysterium, The Resistance, and many more.

If you’re into computer games…

…check out the free-to-play PC area.

Computer gamers can play their favorites on Playthrough’s high-end PCs in the free-to-play PCarea throughout the event. Log on to one of the 60plus Alienware high end PCs and enjoy games like League of Legends, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Rocket League and Minecraft, just to name a few.

If you’re into making music…

…play for convention goers at the Rock Band Jam station.

Playthrough provides the tools while you provide the talent at the Rock Band Jam station. Musicmakers will have the opportunity to perform in front of audiences at the front of the concession stands, giving you the ability to rock out for your fellow gamers.

If you’re into learning about game creation…

…head to the Exhibitor Panels on the Main Stage.

Panels highlight game developers, programmers, articlewriters.

If you’re into scavenger hunts…

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