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It may sound like a dream come true… and it sort of is! Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar is introducing sushi for a good cause benefitting the Ronald McDonald House of Durham and Wake until March 31.

Every time you order “The Roll That Love Built,” $2 goes to helping keep families close to their children while they are in the hospital.

“We wanted The Roll That Love Built to be extra-special,” said The Cowfish Director of Marketing and Guest Relations Jennifer Brantley. “Our goal was to make this roll stand out. We hope all our sushi-loving guests will order TRTLB, as we’ve been calling it, before the end of March – and that they’ll love it so much the first time, they’ll return and order it again. When it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

The TRTLB is created with crispy shrimp tempura and kani wrapped in seaweed and rice, topped with raw tuna, hamachi (Japanese amberjack), eel sauce and tobiko (flying fish roe).

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